Smart, sustainable urbanization and mobility

Together we face major challenges: 1 million new homes by 2030, the agreements in the Climate Accord and the need for more green space for a healthy and pleasant living environment. People and goods must be able to move around and everyone must be able to participate in a society where more and more is organized digitally.

Space and budgets were already scarce and the pressure on them is only increasing. We can meet these challenges by making sharper choices, by looking and acting differently and above all by working together. By sharing knowledge and experience much more than we do now, by looking beyond domains and traditional boundaries, and by viewing tasks much more in context. In other words, a different approach and concrete, new solutions. Also in the field of mobility.






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  • The city of today and tomorrow: we have something to choose from!

    The city of today and tomorrow: we have something to choose from!

    We would like to bring to your attention the latest film by Geert Kloppenburg: "The city of today and tomorrow, we have something to choose". As far as we are concerned, it is a fascinating and valuable film about challenges and choices: where are we going to live, how do we want to...

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  • Regiobank: 'Villages are no less important'

    Regiobank: 'Villages are no less important'

    AMSTERDAM - In many Dutch villages and neighborhoods, the quality of life is under pressure as essential facilities such as public transport, education and care disappear. This is evident from research conducted by Atlas Research on behalf of Regiobank into the...

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  • Will there be favorable regulations for autonomous driving?

    Will there be favorable regulations for autonomous driving?

    What developments are there in the field of autonomous driving? Lennart Salemink updates us. In recent years there have been many developments in the field of autonomous driving. Practically speaking, with your laptop behind the wheel, you could...

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  • Is the energy crisis working against the transition to zero emission trucks?
    Energy is becoming an important part of the mileage cost in transportation. But unlike buying diesel, the price of power in these uncertain times is highly variable and depends on many factors. And in addition, the last year star...
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  • MaaS knowledge café
    Expectations of partial mobility are high. Rural regions want to use it to keep areas without adequate public transportation coverage accessible. Cities want to make the transition to a low-car environment. But an unambiguous, coherent vision for supply and use of the...
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  • Meeting Ecosystem DMI on Dec. 8, 2022
    The pressure on available physical space, the traffic and mobility system, public finances but also business has only increased in recent years. Sustainability, affordability, accessibility and housing construction seem to be for prio...
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